Our 2 years warranty covers all sudden hardware and software malfunctions. This could be that the power turns off, for no reason at all. The warranty does not cover damage done by the user. 

Your warranty period begins once you receive your upcycle it product. The warranty lasts for 2 years, but it is possible to buy an extra 1-2 years of warranty for every upcycle it product. 

If your product is bought through a dealer, then plase contact the place you’ve purchased your device. If your upcycle it product is bought on our webshop, you can head over to our RMA and fill out a form. 

You are always entitled to 14 days of money back guarantee, just fill out our RMA form and you will be contacted by our staff. If for some reason we can’t approve your RMA claim, you will be notified on this as well. 

By bank transfer it’s usually within 2-5 business days.