The future supplier of refurbished IT

We dream of a world where sustainable options do not force you to choose between product quality and price. But we don’t just dream, we act, promote responsible resource consumption and enable individuals to be environmentally conscious on their terms.

When you buy upcycle it refurbished IT equipment, you are helping to make a big difference to the environment. upcycle it has for many years focused on the recycling, renovation and recycling of used computers and other IT equipment for resale.

upcycle it is part of the circular economy trend and has had a focus on the environment for many years. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a refurbished product that saves the environment from CO2 emissions and hazardous IT waste.
upcycle it upcycles 90% of all the IT equipment they get in and out of the remaining 10% recycles 89.57% metals and other raw materials material from the computer.

This means that of the approx. 250,000 units, upcycle it processes annually, 99% are recycled. But it doesn’t stop here. Within the next 5 years, upcycle it has set itself an ambitious goal of reaching 750,000 units per year. year, which will save the environment over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and so that a lot of dangerous IT waste does not end up in landfills in Asia and Africa.

Our upcycle it process