Warranty Policy

The warranty period is 24 months.

Prerequisite and scope of the guarantee

The warranty covers all technical aspects of the purchased product. upcycle it guarantees to deliver a product to the buyer that is free from material, manufacturing or structural damage, with the scientific and technical standards at the time of manufacture as the applicable benchmark. It is important that the product defect responsible for the damage dates back to the time mentioned. A claim for compensation due to consequential damages is only valid within the framework of applicable laws and regulations.

This warranty begins on the date of delivery for a period specified by upcycle it, while it is extended in the event of repair or replacement.

The warranty is valid from the date of delivery for the period specified by upcycle it. If the device is repaired or replaced, the warranty period is extended to 2 years. 

If only one component is replaced, the warranty is extended to 2 years for the replaced component (eg camera). If the entire unit is replaced, the warranty for the entire replacement unit will be extended to 2 years as well.

A customer can exercise his right to warranty by submitting a written claim to the upcycle it within the warranty period. As a prerequisite for a warranty claim, a customer must report the product defect within a period of no more than one month after discovering or should have discovered the defect. The customer is obliged to prove that the guarantee is valid (ie by sending the invoice).

Guarantees and returns

We have the right to repair or replace a device.

As a rule, the old device will be repaired if possible. If this is not possible, we will provide a replacement.

In case of replacement, the old device will be replaced free of charge by a device of the same or higher quality (same quality at the time of the warranty claim and of the same type).

We offer no data recovery in case of breakdown. Data will be deleted once the device is received. 

Returns have to be complete with device and all accessories (cables, power adaptor etc.)

The device has to be unlocked upon delivery. Apple devices cant not be MDM locked, jailbreaked or locked to the customers iCloud account. FMIP (Find My iPhone) has to be turned off. Windows devices cant be locked by remote control, or locked/crypted by delivery. 

Procedure for warranty claims

Should you encounter any problems with your device covered by the warranty conditions mentioned above, please contact us by sending an e-mail to info@upcycleit.com.

Ensure that the item is packed in a safe and correct manner. If the original packaging is no longer available, please use stable and professional packaging instead (eg a cardboard box with sufficient wrapping material; a lined envelope is not considered stable packaging).

Upon receipt, our technicians will inspect the unit. The customer will subsequently receive a status report and, if warranted, a replacement unit. In the case of a monetary return, the customer will receive the purchase price via the payment method used during the transaction on upcycle it. Please note that transportation/shipping of a device is only permitted with the prior consent of upcycle it.

Conditions and exclusions

A prerequisite for a valid warranty is correct use and maintenance of the product, as well as compliance with the user instructions as stated in the manufacturer’s manual. In the event of irresponsible, irregular or incorrect use, the warranty is void.

Examples of incorrect/irresponsible use are:
damaged display and/or cabinet

water damage

electrical damage caused by chargers not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device

downloading and installing software not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device (incl. apps, etc.)

The scope of the warranty does not include:
expandable parts, such as external memory cards or caps til cameras or lenses.

damage to fragile product elements such as glass, display and lenses.

consumables such as batteries (if battery life remains within manufacturer’s specifications).

small discrepancies between the actual state and the nominal state of the product, which do not affect the functionality

failure or damage resulting from incorrect operation of the product, damage caused by the environment, chemicals or cleaning fluids.

product damage caused by assembly/installation or transport

The warranty is void in the event of:
failure to comply with the installation, maintenance or care instructions in the user manual

damage associated with normal wear and tear (ie signs of use of the case and/or display) or intentional damage

incorrect activation

careless or inadequate maintenance

damage apparently caused by improper use of the device

damage caused by the environment or acts of nature (ie natural disasters), including but not limited to flood, fire or frost

to open the device or have it repaired by a person or entity other than the relevant dealer (unless the dealer expressly consents to this in writing)

Lack of warranty coverage
As long as the product damage is not covered by this warranty, the customer is obliged to cover the transport and shipping costs.

In addition, the customer will be held responsible for costs incurred during the inspection process.

In the event that the customer is notified of non-coverage of the warranty, as well as costs associated with the repair process, and chooses to have the product repaired, the customer will be charged for labor and material costs.

If damage has occurred after the product has been delivered, it is up to the dealer to decide whether the product should be repaired on goodwill. In this case, the customer does not have a legal right to have the product repaired.

The customer is also warned that the water and dust resistance of sent units – which is guaranteed by the manufacturer – may be lost when the cause of the damage is determined or when the unit is repaired. The provider assumes no responsibility for this.

Legal rights

In addition to the rights included in the warranty, the customer has certain guaranteed legal rights. These rights, which are sometimes beneficial to the customer, are not limited by the warranty. Furthermore, the guarantee does not affect the possibility of asserting the rights of the original or secondary purchaser against the manufacturer of the original product.