How are products graded?

At upcycle it we want to make sure that when buying a refurbished IT product, you don’t have to worry about the cosmetic condition or whether the device functions. 

You can be confident that our devices don’t look beat up or in bad shape from previous use. We have three general criterias for our IT products:  


The devices have been treated
right by previous owners

The devices have been correctly restored

The devices have undergone meticulous testing  


Our A Grades are our very best and in near perfect condition. The cosmetic is excellent, and the devices have very little signs of previous use. 

Grade A products are the perfect alternative for brand new products. 


Our B Grades are our second best products in terms of cosmetic quality. They have some signs of usage, but most will be satisfied with the appearence. B Grade devices have great value for money, which means you sometimes can save up to 80% of the retail price for new products. 


Grade C products are for harsh working environments, as these devices have clear signs of usage. Like our A and B Grades, these are of course also fully functional. Grade C devices are cheaper than A Grade and B Grade devices, making them perfect for those who need a new iPhone, iPad og laptop on a budget.