Buying Refurbished

The quality of our refurbished products is our main focus area. We only work with certain selected suppliers of IT, so that we can manage and control the quality that is being delivered to our refurbished team. We’ve created a grading system in order to create better transparency for our customers. The comsetic condition is rated as either an A, B or C grade. You can read more about our grades here. 

Grades are given by our professional refurbished team, which grade more than 5.000 units each month. If you’re unsatisfied with the grade given to your purchase, you can send in a service request through here: Please make sure the product is bought through our webshop. If the product is bought through a dealer, then you’ll have to send any requests or questions directly to the place of purchase. 

Microsoft Office is not pre-installed on our upcycle it computers. You have to buy Microsoft Office separately.

An upcycle it laptop has minimum 80% of the original battery capacity left. In the case of iPads and iPhones: 

A Grade: at least 80% capacity
B Grade: at least 70% capacity
C Grade: at least 60% capacity

Every upcycle it product undergoes a thorough cleaning and testing by our professional technicians. We delete any previous data and make sure that the battery capacity is at least 80% on A grades products. 

Every upcycle it product is different in condition, and there are therefore no actual images of every single product. 

Our products are shown with the operating systems installed in the specifications section on any particular device. 

No. Our products are sold in our environmental friendly refurbished packaging.